RAID 5 Data Recovery from SAS/SATA

RAID 5 is chosen by some as default array configuration for NAS and other file server setup as a mean to maximize space utilization and minimal performance impact in its optimal condition.

RAID 5 array will protect data from a single disk failure while maximizing disk space. It is in sometimes only an available option with a upgrade of the disk controller.

However, with lowering cost of disk drives, a more severe impact on disk operation in event of a failed disk or during rebuilding, it is no longer a default choice for many administrators.

Unlike straight forward duplicate copies in a mirroring (RAID1) or in RAID 10 configuration, RAID 5 also risks corruption of parity data during rebuild or restore which may corrupt the data generated from it.

Secureit-NET is able to offer recovery of your data in the following scenarios:-

What Secureit-NET won't be able to recover:-

Lead time: Depending on amount of data, disk types & RAID configuration. Typical 3-7 days for recovery of data with less than 500GB of information.

Terms: Deposit may be required upon confirmation, full payment upon completion - in this case means recovered data are back in production and accessible.

Choose Secureit-net as the solution provider to your system and network issues. We provide fast and hassle free IT support service that do not require rework.

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