Site-to-Site VPN connects two offices in different physical location via a VPN tunnel established over the Internet.

The VPN tunnel handles the encapsulation & encryption process transparently to users in both networks.

Both endpoints are authenticated before a secure tunnel can be established. Data, source & destination IP addresses passing through in both directions are encrypted via a pre-agreed cryptography.

With the above process, data is verified to ensure its integrity (not tampered in transit) & confidentiality (data is indecipherable to anyone until it reaches the destination network).

Unlike SSL VPN, IPSec VPN operations are transparent to applications since it operates at network layer instead of upper layers in the OSI model but increase the processing overheads involved.

Contents can be inspected further at source & remote gateway to ensure it adheres to threat management policies specified at both network.

SecureIT-NET is able to provide you with a thorough solution to help you link up your site offices & put your infrastructure in place. Contact us via our contact page for a detailed proposal.

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