With virtually everyone with a computer connected to the Internet, the Internet pose a vast opportunity for virus authors to spread their rogue program. Most virus infections originate from emails, malicious websites & supposedly free programs uploaded to P2P site that are embedded with malware payloads.

Once the system has been infected, the virus will spread via additional means like written itself to flash drives, network shares, in some case via Instant Messaging. Some of such viruses may even have their own SMTP engine and uses it to send copies of itself to contacts in the infected PC\'s address book.

An infected system besides slowing down the productivity of the user using it, may also allows unauthorized remote control of the system. The infected computer may also download additional programs like pay-per-install programs, BHO (Browser Hijack Objects) or other spywares that pays the author commission. Key loggers may also be installed to capture sensitive information like passwords & then sent to the virus writer encrypted.

Some will also becomes one of the hundreds of thousands of zombies PCs (known as bots) controlled by the virus author or whoever that pays him to own these zombies machines. These machines will then become one of those thousands of nodes controlled by them to send Spam.

Virus are categorize into various category depending on the virus\' behavioral pattern. Some may exhibit more than one symptoms of these categories.

A malicious program that is written to spread via various means are known as virus while Trojans are viruses programmed with a payload that will activate at a fix period of time set by the author of the Trojan program.

There are also viruses known as Rootkits that hide itself from detection after starting itself as a system service or process. Rootkit removal are often difficult and requires specific tools for each of its variants.

Traces of such viruses may also not be removed as poses as a benign system service and others are compressed sometimes multiple times as packed executable or encrypted, making detection even harder.

Besides insufficient system resources, the other likely cause of sluggish and unresponsive system may be attributed to virus infection.

We are well experienced in removal of viruses, Trojans & Rootkits & have experience in containing & removing some very rapid spreading & hard to remove viruses.

We are confident of providing you with a solution & advise on the necessary remedial actions. Please contact us for more information.

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