Wireless Mesh Network Deployment

Wireless mesh setup allows for robust coverage of a larger area that may comprise of indoor and outdoor areas.

Prior site survey is relevant to determine the coverage, signal strength of neighboring access points and channels.

This will ensure interference that may affect wireless stations is at a minimum. Plans can also be made to accommodate outdoor and areas without physical Ethernet connection with access points catered for such instances.

Each AP’s coverage can also be estimated based on its location and a floor plan of the site.

In mesh deployments, a wireless controller is usually required to ease managing of access points and provide more advanced features that APs in autonomous mode cannot support.

Some features of wireless controllers:-

Seaming wireless roaming – allows wireless client to switch nearest access points while they move to different points in a wireless network.

Ease in extension of existing wireless network – new access points may be deployed or existing ones relocated with minimal disruption to existing wireless infrastructure.

Centralize management and authentication – Wireless controllers provides a centralize authentication means in accordance to the network requirements, local user name password method, Radius, LDAP or querying of a Windows AD Server. It allows for centralized MAC address management of authorized access points and ensure each access point is using a non-overlapping channel from their neighboring peers.

Load balancing – Users are automatically assigned to another access points is load on existing one is too high.

Failover – Wireless client will be shifted to the nearest APs should the existing one they are connecting fails.

Meshing – Access points can be deployed in area without physical cable link to the network via meshing via APs with dual-radio capabilities.

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