Setting Up Linksys WPS54G Print Server

1. After a hard reset of the print server, connect a LAN cable directly from print server's Ethernet port to your PC or notebook's network port.

2. Assign a static IP address that is similar to range of your network to your notebook or PC's network adapter first.

Set Static IP Info Example

This can be done by going to Control Panel, double-click on Network Connections. Then double-click on Local Area Connections. Click on properties, then double-click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) & assigning an unused IP address accordingly.

3. Locate the MAC address on the Linksys Print Server box just below the Serial No and take note of it.

4. Start a command prompt by going to Start, Run and then type cmd then press enter.

5. At the command prompt type arp -s followed by the ip address you want to assign to the print server followed by the MAC address of the print server obtained in step 3. then press enter. (eg. arp -s 00-12-34-56-78-90)

Set ARP Info Example

6. Once that is done, do a ping -l 113 -t of the IP address that you have assigned earlier. (eg. ping -l 113 -t)

Ping the IP Address Example

7. You should get a reply from the print server. If not power cycle the device. Check the IP address and MAC address if this step does not work.

8. Start a web browser and type IP address of the print server in the URL locator.

Start IE or Firefox

9. A prompt for password should appear. The default password for Linksys is usually admin with blank username field.

Password Prompt

10. Once connected, uncheck AppleTalk & NetBEUI if it is not required then click save.

No AppleTalk and NetBEUI

11. Wait for all lights on the printer server to turn green before continuing with the setup.

12. Click on the Protocol tab, TCP/IP & assign the TCP/IP information for device. Save & wait for another restart before continuing.

Enter Subnet Info Example

13. Click on Wireless tab after restarting the device & type your Access Point SSID. Save & wait for it to restart.

Set Wireless Info Example

14. Click on Wireless tab then click Security and set the wireless security settings of your Access Point, then save to continue.

Set Wireless Security Info Example

15. Unplug the LAN cable from your print server & do a final power cycle.

16. Restore your PC or notebook network connection setting & plug the PC's LAN port back to your switch or connect wirelessly to your network & then do a continuous ping to your print server. (eg. ping -t)

17. Once you get a reply from your print server, it indicates that it has connected successfully to your network wirelessly.

Wireless Ready Example

18. You may resume your setup by connecting a printer to the USB port of the print server then set it up on client's workstation that are printing to it.

19. Typical steps after this would be at the client's PC, go to Start, Control Panel, Printers, click Add a printer then next, then click Add a printer using a TCP/IP address then next, type IP address of the print server then next, leave as generic network card and default for all else then select have disk & browse to the location of your printer driver to complete installation.

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