Sluggish system may not always indicate a need to totally replace your computer system. It may indicates that the system that you\'re working on may not meet the need of your workloads over time.

Some steps that you can do prior to memory or hard disk upgrade is to optimized your system, disable un-needed programs & services from starting up, cleaning up temp files & folders in your system & locating & uninstalling corrupted programs. Viruses & malwares may also slow down your computer immensely.

Another cause of slowness in computer is P2P or Media Streaming programs running in the background. No only does it slows down your system, it slows down the whole network access.

If you are still experiencing slow access even after rectifying the above issues, then the most likely cause of such issues are insufficient RAM and disk space. Disk paging for system that has insufficient memory will often cause the system to slow down immensely.

Memory required by computer system varies but in general for Windows XP, minimum recommended is 512MB, Windows Vista - 1GB & Windows 7 - 2GB. This is excluding shared memory that is used by the built-in graphic in some system.

Insufficient disk space may also cause slow access, poor performance & system crash. Most system that are setup today have their hard disk partitioned into 2 drives, primary drive for system & secondary drive for data. This is to ease re-installation of the OS but may cause the primary drive to fill up very quickly if users are unaware of the secondary drive.

Windows updates which backup system files prior to update installation, saves data on to the system drive & create temp files that may cause the disk space to fill up very fast.

The minimum recommended system partition size on Windows XP should be at least 40GB & at least 80 - 100GB for Windows Vista & Wndows 7 in order to avoid insufficient disk space issue. As Windows Vista & Win 7 stores their source files within their system folder unlike XP, a much larger system partition is required.

In case you have large amount of space in your data drive, you may also wish to resize the partition using the disk management tools found in Vista & 7.

If you require help on upgrading your computers, you may also contact us with your computer models & we will reply you with a quote.

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